Nature reserve Ropotamo - Morska Vila

Nature reserve Ropotamo

The Ropotamo River is also called the Bulgarian Amazon. The abundance of living creatures, vegetation similar to creeping vines, complex mountainous terrain, flooded forests and untouched wildlife make it look like one of the deepest and longest rivers in the world.

There are a large number of turtles in this reserve, but at the slightest danger they will try to hide.

The local flora and fauna is diverse and unique. There are more than a hundred species of plants listed in the Red Book of the country, and about 71 species of birds (including pelicans, herons, fodders), also subject to protection.

How to get to the Ropotamo reserve.

The Ropotamo Nature Reserve is located fifty kilometers south of Burgas and 12 km south of Sozopol. You can get to it by car or taxi from Bourgas to the town of Kiten, behind which the Ropotamo Nature Reserve is located, as well as by bus from the Sozopol bus station (Sozpol – Kiten route).

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